“A healing experience.”

After suffering a bulged disc in my lower back, which caused me significant and constant crippling pain, I decided to try Pilates with Shawna. Her one-on-one approach and attention to my injuries have made it a painless and comfortable practice to start and learn. I have practiced yoga and made regular trips to the chiropractor for adjustments, decompression and massage which helped the pain subside for a few days, but it would always return. Pilates has changed the way my body moves and has helped me gain a considerable amount of core strength in just a few months. The pain in my back has almost completely subsided and I am convinced Pilates will improve my physical health and keep me active and moving for a long time to come.

— Richard

“Everything I wanted and more.”

Shawna has been working with me on Pilates for the past few months. In that time, she has helped understand how to correct problems that currently have affected my running. I have run at national and international tracks and cross country races, but in the last few years, my performance has been poor and for the first time in 50 years of training, I had a major running injury. Shawna has helped explain how Pilates can functionally help improve my body alignment and strength to return to my sport. She has been objective and knowledgeable and has been able to individualize the exercises to my situation. She has taken time to progress the exercises according to my pace and continually asks for feedback. She has also promoted the Pilates philosophy of balance and muscles working on sequence and is strong on insisting on proper technique. She is aware of previous shoulder injuries from other sports from years ago that impact current performance and adapts equipment to accommodate. I have enjoyed and think Pilates has helped more than weights or yoga because of the feedback the equipment and Shawna have provided. I had tried mat Pilates before and never returned as it was too difficult. Under Shawna's direction, I now plan to keep Pilates as part of a foundation to returning to a high level of injury free running. I would recommend her to anyone interested in improving their health; if she can affect change in what my surfing instructor called "stiff as a stickman body", she could likely be of benefit to anyone.

— Bob

“Shawna is amazing!”

The world of Pilates is full of challenges, hard work, and sweet reward. Pilates is excellent for anyone who wants to greatly expand their knowledge on proper form and body mechanics. If you, with or without injury, want to see just what your body is capable of, then Pilates is for you. As Shawna is a coworker of mine, I knew from day one I was in very capable hands. She was excellent on introducing me to Pilates, and she has been nothing but supportive and encouraging. She would challenge me to go out of my comfort zone and was never afraid to provide hands-on assistance when needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Shawna as a Pilates instructor.

— Ana